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About Us

Welcome to BagMart and thank you for taking time out to visit our store. Your attention means a lot to us that of all the places available, you have decided to see what we can offer you in the way of beautiful designer handbags and luxury fashion accessories. At BagMart, you will find only the high quality handbags and be treated to a stellar shopping experience. We appreciate your business and look forward to completing your look any way possible.

BagMart  is a British company, specialise in selling of top quality designer handbags and purses at most competitive price possible. As a specialist Handbag Company we offer everything from must-have handbags for business and leisure to glamorous tote, clutches, satchels and purse for special occasions.

Our passion is designer handbags for women and this where our heart and soul lies. For years we have seen women not receiving the customer service they deserve when shopping online and also not have their issues addressed when it comes to selection and quality. This is one of the main reasons we created BagMart and our mission is fill that gap in the market and bring together selection and customer service under one roof. The days of glancing over the same stock and feeling frustrated at the lack of care and attention received from online shops is officially over.

We understand that a handbag is so much more than a casual accessory and must complement you in subtle ways such as style and functionality. A designer handbag should be an extension of your look and not just a last minute add on. This is our passion and our gift to you. We are confident that you won’t find a similar company with the same amount of vested interest in your style and presentation.

Regardless of your experience with other companies, we strive to bring a seamless and enjoyable experience when buying our designer handbags. This process should be relaxed and smooth as you want the exact same experience online as if you were in a dedicated high street store. We achieve this by putting everything we have to offer at your fingertips and our customer care representatives are available to answer any questions you may have at any time.

At BagMart, we've selected our favourite designs to match your need, mood and outfit at all occasions. Everything from seasonal must-haves to celebrity inspired collections, you will find exactly what you are looking for thanks to our dedicated selection consultants. We scour the globe in search of the latest fashions and bring them to you through our extensive online catalogue.

We aim to provide an inspirational shopping experience to our fashion-forward consumers and as a local business, we are in tune with what our customers need and how to deliver that need to them. If there is any way that we can better our customer experience, please do not hesitate to say so and drop us a quick line or leave a message with one of our customer care representatives.